Water & Land Safaris


We urge you to abandon any excuses! When it comes to the life-altering value of travel, we can only think of reasons to go. A luxury African safari offers everything from incredible local African cuisine to the exploration of yourself and humanity. Some Animals might be around for a limited time. Now is the time to see some of Africa’s wildlife first hand before extinction poses a real threat. Many of the Big Five like elephants, rhinos, and lions might not be around forever, so why give up the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats?
Come with us to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, SA, Namibia or Kenya.

Did you know that Zimbabwe is one of the most unique nations on Earth, it encompasses all of Africa’s Big 5, is home to the largest waterfall on the continent, plays host to the mighty Zambezi River and is the birthplace of the Southern Africa safari trade?

Despite the political and economic setbacks in recent years, this nation continues to be a must-see destination.