octobre 2014

By Destination

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By Experience

Experience Life outside the Box! Traveling to a different country lets you experience life in a different way. Travel by bus in Peru or take a train in Italy! Experience an old routine in a new way.

What's Your Style?

Are you a fashionable jet setter with a monogram canvas piece from Louis Vuitton and want to relax on the pristine beach? Or you just seek a super unique experience? Exclusive hideaway, stay in a private island, have the only room in the lighthouse, experience a home-stay in Vietnam, a sky-bed in Botswana... What is an experience worth? Like the long-lasting memories that come from them, the experiences of travel are what make it priceless and unique.


Thorough local knowledge on the ground and well-established relations and contacts within the finest resorts and restaurants worldwide, our Travel Specialists provide the most effective travel services. There's no such word as 'No' for us, so if a resort or restaurant is completely booked, our team will always suggest an equivalent alternative and take care of the details. You can expect your experience to be personalised to suit your tastes, in line with all of the services that J&T Concierge delivers.

Luxury Travel.

We at J&T Concierge believe that authenticity is becoming a rare commodity around the world, so having authentic experiences is the essence of luxury travel. It’s important to support local communities and sustainable tourism, buy locally grown fruits and vegetables and find treasures made by local craftspeople. We offer you bespoke travel services in the most unique and exotic places on earth as well as ultra luxury stays, which can be combined with experiences for many even life-changing. Experiential travel comes in different forms for different tastes.