St.Tropez explorer


Discover St.Tropez with your private guide and driver and visit the best beaches from the private beach clubs of Pampelonne to lesser-known beaches nearer town. Shop in funky boutiques and enjoy some crazy parties on the Pampelonne beach. Sleep in wondeful hotel in vineyards or luxury hotel in town or rent your own private villa with pool. You can have it all this summer!

The Pampelonne beach clubs we recommend:

Club 55
Probably the classiest and most discreet, with the choicest clientele of world politicians, Russian and Middle Eastern businessmen and, of course, Kate Moss. Sir Elton also shows up amidst the tamarisk trees. Elle MacPherson and Paris Hilton were among those spotted here . The simplest possible cabin in the early 1950s, Club 55 was adopted as their canteen by the people making And God Created Woman - the Bardot movie that put St Tropez on the world stage in 1955, whence the club's name. It has never lost its appeal among the beautiful, the powerful and the clever. To have any chance of a summer table, book ahead with us.

Key West
Excellent choice for lunch and discreet. Discover a place source of inspiration, In a very southern atmosphere, spend your time at your own rhythm, on a deckchair, among the timbered living rooms under the pergolas or why not at the corner of a chimney. Day and night , pretty tables of backgammon on a teak floor in a musical environment. Stay in the move and have a tour in the shop before having a drink in the “in and out” bar. Enjoy the shuttle boat for an easy way to reach the beach “Access pontoon”. The restaurant proposes a Medi-terranean menu with fish specialities, fresh fruits and vegetables, without forgetting the Sushi-bar. Its open all the year and the food is amazing. Try ceviche!

Tahiti Beach
The oldest beach club (est 1946) fronts a hotel of the same name and appeals to more mature types, in an exclusive sort of way. You can't miss it. It's right at the northern end of Pampelonne and distinguished by bright orange parasols laid out on the sands in military formation.
Les Jumeaux
A good choice for kids, not least because they have a playground with games available, and a decent children's lunch menu. Otherwise, there's a swish of Parisian chic about the place - plus a taste for installation art right on the beach. Les Jumeaux is also one of the rare beach restaurants open for lunch all year round.

Here's a jolly, lively spot which doesn't take itself quite as seriously as do some of the others. High (almost kitschily) coloured, it's been in the business of providing good times - at the lower end of the Pampelonne price spectrum - for years. Rod Stewart, Hugh Grant and Joan Collins are among those who have appreciated it, particularly, the legendary Claudy's bar.

La Cabane Bambou
Down at the more casual southern end of the beach, La Cabane has the air of a desert island corrected for the comfort-seeking classes. The ambience is retro, fittingly perhaps for a spot which started in 1967 as a beer hut for French soldiers on manoeuvres. The huts are fun, the welcome friendly and the restaurant ace at Thai cuisine. Massages may be ordered if your holiday is proving stressful, though the belting mojitos might prove just as effective.

A bit of history...
Saint Tropez was born in Pisa (Tuscany), under the name of Caïus Silvius Torpetius of patrician lineage.
A brilliant officer, he was chosen by the emperor, to hold the charge of steward of his palace. He was converted by Saint-Paul while he was his custodian. Torpetius solemnly professed his faith during a feast organized by the Emperor, who condemned him to death forthwith. But the wild beasts laid themselves down at his feet, the pillar he was chained to, to be flogged, collapsed and killed the executioner. To put an end to it, he was beheaded. Torpetius' head is still kept in a chapel dedicated to his name, in Pisa.
Every year, a group of Tropezians set off on a pilgrimage to Pisa on April the 29th, the day he was put to death.
His body was laid in a boat with cockerel and a dog (symbols of malevolence in the Roman bestiary), at the mouth of the River Arno. Borne along by the ligurian current, the boat with its precious load miraculously unharmed, ran on to the shores which were later to be named Saint- Tropez, on May 17th, 68 A.D.

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