Botswana - Adventure in the Okavango - 5 Days


Visiting Botswana can not do without at least a brief stay in the Okavango Delta - the biggest natural attractions of the country. In the delta are tourist camp , included in the most luxurious and authentic safari camps in Africa. Almost all consist of tents arranged on wooden platforms. In order to know all the natural attractions of the Okavango Delta, you are advised to remain, at least two or three nights in the camp of terrestrial and aquatic. We offer our guests stays in the following lodges: While in lodge'u on Eagle Island, you can enjoy the full beauty of calm water channels during the annual flooding of the river (July-September). Stay in lodges Camp Okavango, Xakanaxa, Kwara and perhaps the most classic Stanley's Camp may be an opportunity for guests to take advantage of the charms of safari boats and motorboats are organized in both summer and winter. A special attraction at the camp Stanley's is living there tame elephant, from which you can select even a trip !. Attraction stays at lodges Jao and Chief's (class de lux) are both ATV safaris and boat Mombo Lodge'y on Chief's Island and the Khwai River Lodge, situated on the border of the national park Moremi offer ideal opportunities to view wildlife up close. Transfer to these camps held planes from airports in Kasane and Maun, like traveling between lodge'ami or boats (during floods.) Do you like this destination? For more detailed information please contact us using the contact form or telephoning +377 97 97 43 78. Our travel consultants will be pleased to provide you with our recommendations.