VSOE Venice - Verona - Innsbruck - Paris - London


Day 1 Accommodation in the famous Venice Simplon - Orient - Express, waiting for Santa Lucia station in Venice. After a moment of free time, you will be invited to a dinner consisting of three courses, prepared by French chefs. After the meal, we invite you to an afternoon of relaxation in comfortable cabins with views of the Italian Dolomites and the Swiss Alps. Dinner consisting of four courses will be repeated for at one of the exquisite restaurants. You go to bed to my compartment now revised in a cozy bedroom. Day 2 Continental breakfast, brought by the steward served during tailored to individual customer needs. The train stops at Paris Gare de l'Est, where there is a break of 40 minutes. After the break, lunch will be served at the same time, the train passes through the channels. English tea and a glass of champagne will accompany you on a journey through the county of Kent. The entrance to the station to London Victoria marks the end of the trip, but the memories remain after it for a long time.


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