Ecuador - as the name suggests - is a country located exactly on the equator, off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, in whose waters one thousand kilometers from the coast lie the Galapagos Islands. The capital of Ecuador - the colonial city of Quito, one of the first sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, stretches picturesquely at the foot of the biggest active volcano on Earth: the imposing mountains of Cotopaxi. It's a beautiful country, still undiscovered by mass tourism, full of charming colonial towns and pristine natural wonders - from the Amazon jungle, inclusive, and a multitude of local animal and plant species is one of the largest on the planet. Ecuador's immense natural wealth grows additionally archipelago of 13 main islands and many smaller islands, known as the Galapagos. These isolated volcanic island became home to incredible creatures: giant tortoises elephant (the name means exactly Islands archipelago turtles), sea lions, iguanas and even penguins. So great diversity of endemic life forms found nowhere else in the world - from almost hundreds of species of birds nesting on the Galapagos, the vast majority live only there, and for all mammals and reptiles living in the archipelago, the Galapagos is the only refuge on Earth. What an incredible, all these animals are not afraid of people that have never not been to the Galapagos, and therefore evolution has not developed fear of humans. These remarkable islands were one of the inspirations for Charles Darwin and an important example of the correctness of the theory of evolution, and one of the islands bears his name. Galapagos inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the whole area of ​​the archipelago and which washed by the waters of the ocean (which is one of the most beautiful and interesting places to dive in the world) constitute a strict nature reserve. Enjoying the closeness and gentle contact with wild animals we must remember caution with respect to sharks and sea lions adult males who jealously guard the colony females. Ecuador's Galapagos Islands is a real treat wildlife, and people with happiness to admire it for yourself are obliged to care about preserving their original condition. Appreciating the uncommon charm Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands expeditions offer individually prepared for the most demanding customers, opening you the way to a unique adventure in this distant land. Is this journey through colonial town under the equatorial sun, or a few days luxury cruise in the Galapagos, a trip to Ecuador will be an adventure of life. By choosing a trip to Ecuador we must remember to drink only bottled mineral water - interestingly, also residents of Ecuador complied with the law, so that good quality water is very wide and very cheaply available. Currency: USD (US dollar) Do you like this destination? For more detailed information please contact us using the contact form or telephoning +377 97 97 43 78. Our travel consultants will be pleased to provide you with our recommendations.