French Polynesia


Scattered in the Pacific Ocean, in an area the size of Europe, the islands of eastern Polynesia is an overseas territory of France. He lives at them about 274,000 people, almost half are residents of Papeete, the only urban center and also the capital city built on its largest island - Tahiti. The islands are divided into five administrative units: Windward Islands and Windward Islands - forming the archipelago of the Society, Tuamotu and Gambier Islands, the Marquesas Islands and Tubuai. For discovered almost nine centuries ago by Ferdinand Magellan islands indigenous population still living. The descendants of settlers who came from Europe and other French colonies represent a relatively small percent of the population, but their religion has become firmly established French Polynesia for good. Although Christianity in the islands dominate, due to the still strong cult of ancestors spread the belief that every human being has two souls - one is a reward or punishment in eternal life, while the latter leaves the body during sleep, and after death remains on the ground and returns to the place old life. With the population of the islands can communicate in French. This is one of the official languages, the second is the Tahitian spoken by almost half the population. The largest and one of the most famous islands of French Polynesia is Tahiti. It belongs to the Windward Islands and is the gateway to French Polynesia, because in the vicinity of the capital city located on the island's international airport with connections to the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. On the other islands can be reached by numerous ferries and luxury liners, as well as by air - helicopters, planes airline Air Tahiti or charter airlines. Surrounded by a coral reef Tahiti is actually two islands: Tahiti Nui (Great Tahiti) and much less Tahiti-Iti (Little Tahiti), joined a small isthmus. On the overgrown with dense forest, hiding numerous waterfalls, Tahiti-Nui rises to the volcanic peak of Mt. Orohena (2241 m). The edges of the island is not only white beaches, turquoise waters flushed in the west, but also the extraordinary black beaches of the north-eastern end, where the volcanic sand is valued in skin care. Black is also characteristic for the local jewelery made of the famous black pearls. No less is known Bora Bora, the largest of the Windward Islands group. The fascination with the beauty of its nature made it became the embodiment of the vision of a paradise island. Above Bora Bora dominate two peaks crowning extinct volcano - Pahia (661 m) and Otemanu (727 m). The inhabitants of Tahiti is very friendly and open-minded people whose way of life expresses the motto "Aita pea pea", meaning carefree and cheerful attitude towards fate. Dishes prepared by them are filled with seafood and vegetables islands, although noticeable is the influence of French and Chinese cuisine. Especially valued the Tahitian fresh fish marinated in lemon juice with coconut milk. Tahitians greet each other by giving hands and exchanging kisses on the cheek, and omission when greeting someone is considered extremely rude. While visiting someone's home, remove shoes. Climate In ruling on the islands of French Polynesia tropics there are two seasons, but at all times the average air temperature is maintained at about 27 ° C, slightly increasing during the summer and the water temperature is roughly 1 ° lower. Since FPO lies in two climate zones, islands tropical zone is characterized by somewhat milder climate than the equatorial zone of the island. During the summer, which lasts from November to April, especially in the period from December to February, cyclones may occur. The humidity is very high due to the heavy rainfall associated with cyclones. The weather in the winter months, ie from May to October, does not pose the risk of violent storms, it is more stable (definitely rarer rainfall, lower humidity and slightly cooler temperature). Main Attractions The islands of French Polynesia are a true paradise. Boat or airplane can be reached on each of them, but especially tempting travelers Moorea. Due to its dazzling beauty and extremely well-connected with the capital newlyweds to spend their honeymoon on it. The island also inspired Charles Darwin, who watched her from afar, formulated the foundations of the theory of the formation of atolls. Currency - CFP franc (CFP, XPF) and euro (EUR) Do you like this destination? For more detailed information please contact us using the contact form or telephoning +377 97 97 43 78. Our travel consultants will be pleased to provide you with our recommendations.