India is like a mandala - multi-colored and contrasting, yet perfectly harmonious combination of elements make up an image full of symbolism and mysticism. The dominant feature of this fascinating country is the diversity. On its huge territory with the highest mountains in the world, impenetrable jungles, endless deserts and beaches. More than a billion people in India speak 22 official languages ​​and profess almost all existing religions, many of which just arrived here. Although they are so disparate, they share a respect for life expressed in the symbolism of the national flag - with the Buddhist Wheel of Dharma integrating the unity of the universal principles of harmonious coexistence preached by the Buddha who attained enlightenment here. India is a great adventure for anyone who is submerged in flood not carried by exotic sensations: the dazzling beauty of the palaces, the ubiquitous intricate ornamentation, captivating scent of spices and incense, a microcosm of cultures and fantastic nature. Mysticism and mystery pervades everything and seeing them for the traveler may be quite unexpected. Wishing to explore the wealth accumulated through millennia follows closely the real army ascetic deities and sages, the way intersect colorful parades reflecting the slowly wandering the streets of worship sacred cows, and on the banks of the great river Ganges, thousands of people joins in the daily experience of the mystery of life by taking a ritual bath in the waters of carrying ashes from the burning funeral pyres along the banks. Each of the many regions of India is a different landscape and a different culture, and the rhythm of the monsoons emphasizes the intrinsic differences, bathing in the rain some lands where other heats the hot sun. So great has created an almost inexhaustible variety of occasions to celebrate. Passing through India, it is hard to guess what he takes another day traveler. Impossible to predict but one thing is sure, it will be a special holiday - Diwali time in October or November, when the whole country celebrates after the victory of light over darkness, illuminating a billion candles every corner of India. It should then be here.

Currency: Indian Rupee (INR)

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