The secrets of a Monkey Bay, where the heaven meets the sea!


Welcome to a magical, one-of-a-kind destination where natural beauty, vibrant culture and fascinating history all share the spotlight. The InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is located near three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and set among the pristine beaches and unspoiled forests of Son Tra Peninsula.

The charming old town of Hoi An, only 30 km away, is home to quaint lanes of ancient shophouses and chic restaurants. The imperial city of Hue, the capital of Vietnam’s last dynasty, the Nguyen, is just around 100 km to the north, but worth the trip to explore its many monuments, such as the Citadel and various royal tombs of the Nguyen emperors.

Just beyond Hoi An lie the beautiful Cham Islands and the incredible ruins of My Son –the spiritual center of the 1,000-year-long Champa Kingdom, where ancient temples dating from the fourth to the 14th century are dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

Closer to the resort, the surrounding Son Tra Peninsula is an area of outstanding natural beauty, home to lush tropical forests and golden beaches. A government protected area, the peninsula covers 3,000 square kilometers and is home to over 300 varieties of plants, many rare and endangered species of animals, including the extremely rare red-shanked douc langur.

There are a number of myths about Son Tra. It is said that at one time fairies from heaven, attracted by the beauty of this peninsula, secretly landed on one of the beaches to play, sing, dance and bathe. Legend also has it that fairies used to play chess on a large, flat rock located on Son Tra Mountain - as a result it is known as Ban Co Peek, or 'chessboard.”

The magic of the Son Tra Peninsula and Vietnam’s Central Coast region continue today. Our “In-the Know” staff is on hand to guide you to the best the destination has to offer.

Amazing design by BILL BENSLEY!

Harvard-educated, Bangkok-based architect Bill Bensley describes his unique and irreverent design philosophy as Lebih gila, lebih biak, Indonesian for “the more odd, the better.” Since founding his eponymous design firm in 1989, Bensley has applied his singular vision to over 180 properties in 30 countries and won countless accolades.

TIME magazine called him “the king of exotic luxury resorts” and named him one of its top 5 hospitality designers worldwide. Fast Company declared Bensley one of the 100 most creative people in the world, and he was named to the exclusive Architectural Digest 100 list of the world’s top architects and designers.

Bill Bensley’s involvement with the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort began back in 2005, when the property’s owner, Sun Group chairman Le Viet Lam approached him with an offer to design the most ambitious resort Vietnam had ever seen.

The Bensley Design Studios team was too busy at the time, but Mr. Lam was persistent. The Vietnamese developer returned the next year and invited Bensley to the Son Tra Peninsula to visit his unspoiled waterfront property on the edge of primeval forest. This time, Bensley couldn’t say no. He began a years-long process of immersion in all the design inspirations Vietnam had to offer, from temples, palaces and imperial tombs to the ancient streets of Hoi An, traditional craft villages and spectacular natural settings. The result is a one-of-a-kind, whimsical realm spread across four levels—Heaven, Sky, Earth and Sea—as imagined by the most audaciously creative resort designer in the world.

For Bill Bensley, the decision to set out on this long journey came in an instant, during his first visit to the site. “I have Mr. Lam to thank for that singular ‘wow’ moment I felt to come upon this spectacular bay in its pristine state,” he writes. “I jumped naked from those smooth giant boulders into the sea, then swam back ashore and said, ‘I’ll do it.’ Some of the best decisions in my life really are that simple.”

The resort is located only 30 minute drive from the International Airport Danang (20 km) and 13 km from the bustling streets of downtown Danang, the resort is nestled in a secluded private bay of the Son Tra Peninsula, also called Mythical Monkey Mountain.
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