Another world, Cap Rocat


Cap Rocat, a former military fortress located in the most secluded area of the bay of Palma de Mallorca. Stunningly blended into the landscape, this magnificent fortress has been totally refurbished by Antonio Obrador without altering its unique architecture and its natural environment. Its a boutique retreat on a cliff overlooking peaceful Palma Bay in Mallorca. With the detail of a heritage site – drawbridge, trenches, towers, vaulted archways – this fort is a dramatic location for a serene hideaway.
Think breezy bedrooms, a calm infinity pool and two candlelit restaurants.

Three classes of rooms and 24 in total are on offer to please various tastes: Cap Rocat, former shooting pads with private terraces and outstanding views, La Muralla, smaller rooms in the original Soldier’s Quarters, and El Cabo, a single big suite with stunning private pool and gardens. All spaces are decorated in a calming and modern Mediterranean style, and feature Cap Rocat’s charming old stone walls.

The Mediterranean water off the beach is clear as glass, and guests would be remiss not to hop in as much as possible. Air dry on a lounger with a book before wandering over to the Sea Club, where views compete against the chef for your attention, and a log fire grill takes care of the ambiance.

Its a place for lovers.