Zambia is a country with an area of ​​752 thousand. km², situated in the southern part of Africa. Its population is approx. 10 million inhabitants. Capital city is Lusaka. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century the area now Zambia came under British rule, and in 1911 was converted into a protectorate of Northern Rhodesia, gained autonomy in 1964 and under the name of Zambia was admitted to the United Nations. The basis of the economy, as in most African countries is agriculture, but are also mined gold, silver, uranium and emeralds.

The greater part of the country is a plateau - this atmosphere is friendly and the average temperatures are not as high as in other African countries. The official language is English - therefore the tourists should have no trouble communicating with the natives.


Top things to do: Victoria Falls - located on the Zambezi River on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. In the area there are many leisure activities: riding jeeps after  National Park Mosi – ao-Tunya, cruises on the Zambezi river at sunset, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, helicopter flights. In the nearby town of Livingstone, Zambia's former capital, there are three things to do: Livingstone Museum, Zambia Railway Museum and the Victoria Falls Field Museum.

Lake Kariba - an artificial reservoir on the Zambezi River, the second-largest dam in Africa; for tourists is a paradise for water sports.

Lochinvar National Park - the most diversified geographically and biologically park in Zambia, divided into three sections: swamps, plains and tropical forests. Given the diversity of land, the park is a haven for hundreds of species of animals; especially richly represented world of birds.


Climate: The rainy season falls in the period from December to April; dry season - from May to September (when it is winter in Zambia) and for the summer - from September to November. The lowest average temperatures in June and July: 16-19 ° C, and the warmest months are October and November, with average temperatures of 25-27 ° C.


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Currency - Kwacha (ZMK).


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