The Kingdom of Thailand is a country with an area of ​​514 000 square kilometers, which ruled the longest reigning monarch in the world. Formerly known as Siam, is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been conquered by Europeans. It has 65 million inhabitants, of whom the vast majority are followers of Theravada Buddhism, but Malaysia's neighboring southern provinces are dominated by Muslims. Natives of Thailand lived in these lands already two thousand years before Christ, acting first agricultural culture in the region. Native Thai, a different from the Latin alphabet, is the official language of Thailand. In the north of the kingdom, which in the Golden Triangle meets with Burma and Laos, they make a green jungle covered mountains sloping towards the plain of the Chao Phraya River, known as the Chao Phraya River, which simply means "river", in which lies the mouth of Bangkok, capital of Thailand. In the north east stretches still mysterious Isaan inhabited by people with a slightly different culture. South of the country is a large part of the Malay Peninsula, both sides of which are scattered picturesque islands. Thailand is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, which is surrounded by dozens of islands in the Andaman Sea paradise, with its jewel - the island of Ko Phuket, and the Gulf of Thailand, where lies the famous Koh Samui. The inhabitants of Thailand are very polite and cheerful nation, known for his smile, which bestow even strangers on the street. This habit stems from a desire to perform in relation to another human being nice gesture that costs nothing, and that can alleviate the difficult situation. Thai people smile not only express joy or admiration, but also indecision, suppress the anger, sadness and embarrassment, trying to comfort him and apologize. Each of the above ten kinds smile has a name corresponding to the function, and is commonly used. An expression of serene approach to life is also often used to say bpen mai rai - "nothing happened", pronounced, of course, with a smile. Thailand is also known from very old massage techniques, which the masters of this art can heal. Thai people attach great importance to religion, so prized meditation practice is helping to restore peace of mind and meditating brings spiritual merit. Every man should temporarily assume the monk's saffron robe and stay in the monastery. Thai people believe that funds obtained in this way by a man also merits streaming down his family, providing its members (especially his mother) reincarnation of a better life. At dawn the monks set off on the streets of towns and villages to collect from the inhabitants of the victim in the form of food, which is their only meal. Monks can not touch the money, and means of transport where they have separate places, women are not allowed to stay in their vicinity. The traditional form of greeting gesture is called a wai , consisting of folded hands and a delicate bow, accompanied by the word sałatdii. This gesture shows respect and makes him a person younger, with a lower position or a guest, and the person welcomed this gesture should respond the same way. Probably not given the hand, nor touch the head, because Thai people believe that it just stays soul. The subjects of the kingdom of Thailand love to celebrate, and their festivals are very colorful. One of the most important is a celebration of Songkran, Thai New Year, falling on April 13. In Thailand, the years are counted from the death of the Buddha, to commemorate his passing into Nirvana and therefore the date in the local calendar of Buddhist-shifted by 543 years forward to the Gregorian calendar - 2008 is 2,551. Songkran Festival is similar to the cast Monday, as people water each huge amounts of water. This custom comes from the tradition of expressing respect by gently sprinkling water, hands or head, but since April is the hottest month, transformed into a fun generating a relief on a hot day. The second most important festival is an extremely romantic holiday Loy probably Gratong having roots in the Hindu festival of candles - Diwali. Loy Gratong takes place in the November full moon night when the Thai people let go on the water canals and rivers baskets decorated with flowers, candles and incense. Illuminating the night baskets with the flow of rivers carrying millions of wishes, giving the night a magical atmosphere. An ancient tradition recommends that at each building resembling a small temple put the house for ghosts, what's to keep them from dressing the troubles at home. With so many buildings in Thailand are facing such houses, and one of the most interesting is quite proved chapel in downtown Bangkok at the Grand Hyatt Erawan. Thai people have for their rulers great respect and insult the royal family is very severely punished. It is worth remembering that the banknotes and coins is a portrait of the king, so avoid succession to them. It is also associated with the belief that rates are lowest, unclean part of the body and even pointing whatever rate is perceived as very offensive. A similar principle applies to newspapers. If the newspaper will be the image of the monarch, do not use it for packing or otherwise infringing this image. Also praising the ruler of the kingdom anthem should be respected, stopping when (daily at 8.00 and 18.00) resounds, starting and ending day. Respect for the king is also visible on his birthday, which is Father's Day, when Thais dress is dominated by the color yellow - symbol of Monday, the day of royal birth. Be very careful when traveling to Thailand to luggage not been planted drugs because the penalties for possession are very strict: life imprisonment or the death penalty. The vast majority of Thai dishes accompanied by fragrant jasmine rice served in a separate bowl each, while other dishes are served in a common dish. Thai cuisine, considered one of the best in the world, can be extremely sharp, though the taste of spices that are used coconut milk soothes. Denmark does not only impress with aromas of lemongrass, fresh herbs and unusual taste, but are small works of art, because Thai people attach great importance to their attractive appearance. They decorate them fancifully sliced ​​vegetables and fruit. A unique food additive for Thailand is having many regional varieties us prik - pasta with minced chili, shrimp, garlic or other ingredients. One of the most popular delicacies are: pad thai - fry noodles with eggs, fish sauce and chicken or shrimp, and a very sharp shrimp soup tom yam gung . Contrary to popular belief chopsticks are used in Thailand tended to eat pasta, and most of the dishes eaten with a spoon and fork. Climate In the tropical climate of Thailand quite high humidity and high temperature is maintained throughout the year. In the mountainous regions of northern and central parts there is a clear division into three seasons, in the south there are only two. The north and center from November to February are influenced by the north-east monsoon bringing pleasant, cooler air with very little rainfall. In December, however, in the higher parts of the mountains to the north the temperature can get close to 5 C. Since March, the dry season begins, during which, it will end with the first torrential rains in July, in April may occur up to 40-degree heat. In the rainy season the south-west monsoon brings very heavy rains. At first, they are interspersed with times of good weather, but later may cause short-term flooding. In the south, the rainy season is a little different on both sides of the Malay Peninsula. On its western side of the rain lasts from April to October, while on the eastern most are listed between September and December. The temperature in the southern part of the country remained at the same high level throughout the year. The best time to visit the Kingdom of Thailand, are pleasant months now cold, but equally nice rest on the southern islands of the Gulf of Thailand provide summer months - from July to late September, while on the islands of the Andaman Sea rests best from November to April. Main Attractions Bangkok The full name of the City of Angels make trouble even its inhabitants, as it is the longest city name in the world. Gigantic metropolis canal network and a long ribbon of the River of Kings - Chao Phraya. XXI century oriental charm pervades here glittering gold of ancient temples and foster in saffron robes statues of Buddha. The most important monument of the city is undoubtedly the Grand Palace opaque sacred image of the Buddha in the Kingdom of Thailand - which possesses a separate temple of the Emerald Buddha. Chiang Mai It is known as the Rose of the North Northern capital of the kingdom, immersed in the green rice terraces and jungle-clad hills. Nearby Chiang Mai, there are numerous villages inhabited by colorful tribes, and the most important temple town is dominated by the North, Phratat Wat Doi Suthep. Chiang Mai area is also home to many elephants, are still popular as a means of transport. Their importance may indicate the presence of an elephant in the coat of arms of the city. The islands Thailand's territorial waters is many beautiful islands, surrounded by unspoilt beaches, crystal clear water flushed in deep turquoise color and covered with lush greenery, often piling on the amazing rock formations rising straight out of the water. For many smaller and less known of them can take a chartered boat and ask to come back at the specified time. Currency - baht (THB) Do you like this destination? For more detailed information please contact us using the contact form or telephoning +377 97 97 43 78. Our travel consultants will be pleased to provide you with our recommendations.