A country so different, colorful, and exotic, it hard to believe that it is so close to the United States. Even its official name- the United Mexican States, suggests an unusual combination of exoticism and distant ancient traditions, combined with a dynamic march toward modernity. Mexico is for many, the gateway to Latin American, providing easy access to this extraordinary continent. It is a place where both the US and Latin America meet, and it is amazingly diverse. In the North of this large country is a harsh and mysterious mountain landscape, vast sun-scorched lands and dry deserts. In the central part - lush rain forests. To the east - the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and to the west - the beautiful Pacific Ocean. South, its climates and landscapes are milder turning into dense and wild tropical jungles as you mount northward. The long coast of Mexico, reaching the eastern Caribbean Sea, is a picturesque fall into the sea of hundreds of beautiful and secluded beaches. The fascinating wild natural beauty of this country is not its only asset. Nature hid here because for centuries the mysterious witness to great civilizations of the Maya and Aztecs, whose impressive temples, the famous Aztec city of Teotihuacan or built by the Maya Chichén Itzá, intriguing mythology and mystique to this day do not cease to inspire, spending sleepless nights travelers and explorers. The descendants of these great Indian peoples still live in large numbers in Mexico, creating a strong community nourishing elements of the old beliefs, traditions, and still using the ancient language of Nahuatl. Heavily scratched the heirs of pre-Columbian civilization separateness creates an interesting contrast with the equally numerous descendants of Spanish settlers era of colonial conquest, which does not prevent that different cultures coexist and permeate each other. The proof is in the huge city of Mexico, one of the largest cities in the world, whose tone and charming chaos hard to describe. Residents of Mexico, though so different, it's very open and warm people who are willing to host travelers, regaling them one of the most interesting and tastiest cuisines of the world. The enchanting beauty of nature, huge spaces, phenomenal coastline, colorful and diverse culture - all this is surrounded by a delicate aura of impenetrable mystery. Whatever you expect, looking for unusual and exotic holidays, you will find it in Mexico. Do you like this destination? For more detailed information please contact us using the contact form or telephoning +377 97 97 43 78. Our travel consultants will be pleased to provide you with our recommendations.