Kingdom of Cambodia - located on the Gulf of Thailand, between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The country has nearly 14 million people, most of whom are Khmers who are the indigenous people of this country. Currently, Cambodian territory covers 181 040 km 2 , but formerly there were powerful Khmer empire that between the ninth and thirteenth century ruled the Indochina Peninsula. Most residents are followers of Buddhism. The official language is Khmer. Cambodia has only recently allowed the travelers to discover its beauty.

The main elements of the geography of this country is the Mekong valley, over which is the country's capital Phnom Penh, and the big lake of Tonle Sap. Just around those sites comprising the majority of the population.

The most beautiful beaches of Cambodia, including travelers appreciated Occheuteal beach are located at Sihanoukville. The area near Sihanoukville is full of small islands, which can be discovered by boat are good for snorkelling.


A characteristic element of the Khmer costume is Krama - the traditional cotton plaid colored grille, worn regardless of age and gender, which is a symbol of the Khmer national identity. Krama has many uses, serves as ornaments, scarf, protection from sun and wind, but it can also be used as a towel or even help with climbing up trees. It can also pin up in a sarong, a characteristic skirt worn by both women and men.

Traditional welcome in Cambodia lies in bowing with folded hands. This avoids gesture of shaking hands and, although this is acceptable in relation to foreigners, men never greet women in this way. Keep in mind not to touch the head inhabitant of Cambodia, and do not indicate anything the foot, because these gestures are considered very offensive.


Cambodian cuisine combines the culinary traditions of Vietnam and Thailand. Its main ingredients are rice and fish, but an integral part of the traditional meals are soup. A characteristic addition to many dishes is fish sauce.


Climate: Cambodia has tropical  climate and the time of year is divided into wet and dry. From June to November is rainy season, monsoon rains and the temperature is from 27 to 35 ° C. The dry season is initially cold period, lasting from November to February, when temperatures range from 17 to 27 ° C. With the beginning of March with the advent of the hot period, the temperature can rise up to 29 - 38 ° C and remain at that level until May. The ideal months for a trip to Cambodia are December and January, when it is cloudy, and the air temperature and humidity are falling. Precipitation during the rainy season is very short and intense. It does not represent a larger obstacles and, despite the high humidity, can make a trip to the ruins of Angkor particularly pleasant, causing intense bloom of vegetation surrounding temples. Due to the very high temperatures should rather avoid departure in April.


Main Attractions Phnom Penh The country's capital, Phnom Penh, located at the confluence of the Mekong and Tonle Sap, is the gateway to Cambodia. From this city you can start a wonderful journey, sailing up the river and past the floating village of Kompong Chhnang and Kompong Luong, and after having roamed the great lake of Tonle Sap to Siem Reap reach, at the threshold of the legendary Angkor Wat. Phnom Penh also offers convenient road connection with the beaches of Sihanoukville in the south. Before traveling it is worth to visit the capital of Cambodia, where places such as the Royal Palace, National Museum, Silver Pagoda, Wat Phnom or Hill are a testimony to the history and culture of this country.

Siem Reap i Angkor Siem Reap is a city located on the river of the same name, which commemorates the victorious Khmer Empire troops clash with an army of Siam. The neighborhood Indochina Peninsula's largest lake Tonle Sap enables students to interesting voyage. Nearby Siem Reap are monumental remains of Angkor Thom, the last capital of the empire Khmer, and the world's largest temple complex with the famous temple of Angkor Wat. Angkor is a beautiful ruins of a huge city, once numbering more than a million inhabitants, and at the same time a symbol of Cambodia. Dreamlike beauty of the Angkor complex of buildings that made this place became the setting for films such as "Lord Jim" and "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider".


Currency - riel (KHR)


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