The largest and most populous country in Latin America, representing nearly half of the continent and bringing together many of his most valuable treasures. More than half of the huge territory is a dense green rainforest inhabited by hundreds of species of exotic creatures and mighty covering the north of the Amazon, in the south the spectacular Iguazu Falls. It's toasty warm country, the homeland of excellent players, samba and carnival hottest in the world. Once a Portuguese colony overseas, Brazil is a country of immigrants who speak the Portuguese language today, which reads but only similar to the original. Colony was converted in the early nineteenth century in the united kingdom Brazilian-Portuguese, with its capital in Rio de Janeiro, a few years later, breaking the link between the Portuguese crown, at the end of the century to create a federal republic with modeled on the US Constitution. Interestingly, at today's Brazilian flag was captured the night sky as seen from Rio de Janeiro on the day of the proclamation of the republic. Today, Rio de Janeiro - the largest carnival dancing scene in the world, topped with a beautiful beach of Copacabana and viewed by towering over the city colossal figure of Christ - is not the capital of Brazil. It is located far inland Brasilia - beautiful and well maintained, very modern, yet green city clustered around the lake, which, due to the standard style inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Spectacularly situated among hills on a scenic ocean coast, Rio is a city of beautiful beaches and historical sites and one of the most entertaining places on Earth. It was here for five days before Ash Wednesday (Brazil is a Catholic country) streets explode with colors dancing processions of beautiful, scantily clad women, day and night featuring dance artistry until the end of the carnival. Another amazing experience will also visit in the not too distant, situated on the coast south of Rio cosmopolitan city of Sao Paulo - the largest Brazilian metropolis. Brazil is an amazing country friendly and very open-minded people (the traditional form of greeting is a kiss on the cheek here) who love to dance (present even in the local martial art capoeira ) and having fun. The trip to Brazil this adventure of a lifetime, regardless of whether the aim will be phenomenally beautiful beaches, dancing town or unexplored depths of the Amazon jungle. Currency: Brazilian real (BRL) Do you like this destination? For more detailed information please contact us using the contact form or telephoning +377 97 97 43 78. Our travel consultants will be pleased to provide you with our recommendations.