Incredible patisserie Yauatcha, London

Try Raspberry delice petit gateau. Afternoon tea tip: Build your own tea at Yauatcha, where ravishingly good-looking staff serve equally beautiful pastries and a mind-boggling array of leaf teas. Of course, there’s also plenty of divine dim sum, if you’ve room…

Magical stay at Selman Marrakech

“When God wanted to create the horse, he said the south wind: I will leave you a creature that is the glory of my faithful, the terror of my enemies, a beauty reserved for those who obey me ... and God took a handful of wind and made a horse.” An Arabian legend At the foot of the Atlas Mountains, away from the hustle of the medina, what seemed like only a mirage has become a reality: Selman Marrakech, a palace of distinct, sublime and alluring charm. Passing through the immense portico, the gaze is drawn over the whole property by the geometry of the facades and gardens dotted with fountains, creating a sublime harmony. Across the Mechouar, the traveller gets a glimpse of the interior, a sensual contrast to the grandeur of the exterior. Designed by Jacques Garcia and built by the best artisans, Selman seduces with its timeless harmony. At this intimate, personal and family-owned property, each guest shares in the joy, love and dreams of their warm and passionate hosts. In this timeless palace whose construction was the vision of the owner, the art of traditional Moroccan hospitality has been revived. Precious moments are embodied in the presence of the beautiful thoroughbred Arabian horses, symbols of a bygone grandeur, which capture the spirit of Selman and invite the joy of living. There are views of the horses from the terraces and the gardens where one can admire the majesty and poise of these animals. Moments of pure grace add to the perfection of this timeless experience. An essential and unedited experience, a return to the source of forgotten luxury, now found again under the light of the Selman’s stars. When the rose garden begins to realease aromas, the temperature drops and the horses in the stables go quiet, you know its time to go to sleep. And tomorrow, when the sun rays wake you up again, you will know that another exciting day is awaits you. Selman is magical!

Little beach near Le Pirate, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

Le Pirate used to be an institution, for many years the most famous 'boite' on the Riviera, owned by the late and ever shirtless Charles Viale. The photos that adorn the walls (Gunther Sachs carrying his trophy - Brigitte Bardot, Rainier and Grace, Agnelli, Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve, Cocteau, Belmondo, Jane Fonda, Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck, Nat King Cole, Gina Lollobrigida, Kirk Douglas - and Sinatra of course - and most have Charlie or his wife - who still runs the place - in them as well) are testament to its legendary star drawing power. Following his death, it's now 'just' a restaurant, but still with an aura that one could cut with one of Charlie's cutlasses. Go before the place falls down!