Bangkok - Singapore, 4 days / 3 nights


Day 1 - Bangkok - Eastern & Oriental Express leaves from the station in Bangkok early evening. - The train leaves town and goes through the rice fields, villages, passing picturesque surroundings, during the journey will be served dinner. After your meal you go you to your compartment as amended by the steward in a cozy bedroom. Day 2 - Wang Po / Kwai - wake up early in the morning, do not miss the moment trains pass by Wang Po and the wooden bridge suspended on a giant cliff. To catch a breath train stops in Kanchanaburi. Here passengers disembark and jump and board the boats going along River Kwai to the Thai-Myanmarskiego Railway Centre where a local guide will lead a group of visiting route. Return to the train for lunch and continue the journey. After dinner in the restaurant car, we suggest a visit to the bar, where the sound of the piano and a good drink you can relax . Day 3 - Penang - After breakfast the train arrives to Butterworth. Guided colonial Penang Georgetown and Fort Cornwallis with. An additional attraction is a three wheeled rickshaw ride through the colorful streets of the city. Return to the train for lunch and a visit immediately after it in the car panoramic, which offers spectacular views of passing along the way. Dinner in the restaurant car and then an evening at the piano bar. Last night on the train. Day 4 - Singapore - After breakfast drive through the Straits of Johor and the entrance to the train station in Singapore.
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